What are the age groups for programs, and how the groups are determined?

ELC for Kids Daycamp Summer and Winter programs accept participants aged between 6 and 12. The groups are determined accordingly to the ages of the participants. In Daycamp Program the maximum number of students per group is 15.

What are the conditions to be able to register to the programs?

In the Daycamp Program, the youngest age to apply is 6, however, we require a minimum of 6 months of full-time kindergarten attendance beforehand. As our programs are only 2 weeks, we cannot offer an orientation period that would help young participants who will be separating from their parents for the first time.

For further information about the program, we strongly recommend that you watch the video posted in our gallery so that the participants know the surroundings and the structure of the program in order to know what is expected of them before physically coming to our campus. This would help them shape their ideas about their upcoming experience more realistically and get the best experience possible.

How can I apply?

You may fill out the application form for the program you want to participate by clicking apply on each programs’ own page. The form reserves your spot for the desired program and term. After you send in the form, you will receive an e-mail from the program supervisor with a payment link to complete your registration.

How can I pay?

After you complete your pre-registration step, the related program supervisor will send you an email with an online payment link attached to it. You would need to click on that link and follow the instructions to complete the process. You can only use a credit card for the payment as we do not accept money transfers.

When do I need to pay?

Since both our programs use a quota system, there is no scheduled deadline for payment. When your program and term of choice reach their quota, you will be notified and given a week to complete your payment. Until that time you may make your payment at your convenience.  If you do not complete your payment by the end of the notice period, you will be taken out from the pre-registration list to give chance to other participants on the waitlist.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to participate after completing my payment?

You may cancel your reservation and get a full refund if you decide 15 days or more prior to the start of the term. After said time until the start of the program, except for coercive reasons (meaning that there are natural disasters, war, etc that prevent one from doing something in their own routine), you may be refunded 50% of the participation fee. After the program starts, there will be no refunds.

Are there any discounts to the required participation fee?

If there are two siblings attending any ELC for Kids programs, there will be a 10 % discount for each participant. Only siblings can benefit from the sibling discount, not cousins not very good friends. Discounts for Koç Holding members and Koç University staff will be applied according to the information given in the application form. When there is more than one discount applied to one participant, only the highest discount will be chosen.

Who would be taking care of my kid?

In Daycamp Program, native English speaker mentors with prior experience in working at summer camps who are either studying or became graduates of respectable universities around the world will be accompanying our campers. These mentors facilitate our participants’ adaptation to the program psychologically, physically, and behaviorally. There will be Turkish staff of psychology students or graduates will also be present to support your children when needed.

How much English is spoken in ELC for Kids Programs, which language is used in the activities?

In Daycamp Program, the main language of communication is English. During the activities, the instructors also run their classes in English.

As a principle, we do not believe in any punishment system to prevent Turkish speaking among the participants. We want to make sure that each one of our campers feels comfortable in their environment and is socially integrated. We choose to improve their English speaking, listening, and understanding skills through various engaging activities and by selecting experienced mentors who will act as role models. The only staff members with whom our participants can communicate in Turkish are psychology mentors.

Is a certain level of English knowledge required for participation, can my child still attend the program even if she/he is attending school in a different foreign language?

Since ELC for Kids Programs aims to create an immersive environment for its participants to comfortably practice their English, we do not subject them to any proficiency exams at the beginning or at the end of the program. Multiple mentors and teachers accompany the campers at all times and provide support to the ones who need it and challenge others who are more advanced.

Participants who are currently enrolled in French, German, and Italian speaking schools should not feel any pressure and know that they will be in a fun and safe environment to practice their English. They will be shedding whatever resistance they may have about English by hearing the right accents from our team of native English speakers.

What happens if my child gets injured during the program?

ELC for Kids participants have Accidental Health Insurance by Allianz Sigorta for their time at Koç University. This type of insurance covers injuries and situations such as cuts and wounds. For situations such as stomach ache, nausea, headache, and so on Accidental Health Insurance cannot be used. After a visit to Koç University Health Center, we share the opinions of our doctors and help parents coordinate their own choice of treatment with their own health insurance.

For your specific questions about each program please refer to the programs web page;

ELC for Kids Summer Daycamp Program